Wednesday, April 22, 2009

hip hip hooray

Sorry everyone for the radio silence. My wife wanted me to wait on announcing that she got a new permanent position until after she had a chance to tell people (which is only fair, considering that it is her job). So, umm, yeah, my wife got a new permanent position! I don't want to talk specifics, as I've read too many stories about "I talked about my job online, and they fired me for it", but I will say that it's a somewhat HR job at a company that does HR, so that's good. The bad is that it's a substantial pay cut from her previous position, and there's a definite possibility of having to work some to many weekends in the near future. However, it's a company that we've heard good things about, and it's big enough that there should be plenty of advancement opportunities down the road. And, it's a permanent position. So, yeah, we're pretty stoked.

I want to say first and foremost, thank you to everyone who kept us in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you to everyone who offered us assistance, whether it was job leads, networking, taking us out for food and entertainment, or ordering a huge box of tasty goodness delivered from Omaha Steaks. Thank you to everyone who has just simply read this blog. It has provided me with an excellent outlet to release frustrations, aggressions and my thoughts.

I'm trying to decide if I should continue the blog or not. I'm considering continuing it, but updating on a less frequent basis, maybe once per week or so. And maybe branching out a bit in terms of subject matter, who knows? Anyway, here's hoping Jenny's new job goes well and grants her new opportunities, and here's hoping for the economy in general to improve, and soon!!! Just keeping up on my Facebook page, I am aware that quite a few of my friends have been laid off and are still searching, so please keep them in your thoughts as well!


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